Rocky River 1.20.2007

well, here's a short post with some fish involved.

I took a few friends from school to the Rocky River for some frozen steelhead fishing. My one buddy Scott, who hails from Idaho would not submit to the almighty Eggsack and instead fished flies. He did well! Not that these fish can't be taken on flies, they do all the time, and I've caught them this way myself. It's just that I've gotten preoccupied with the high catch rates and ease of fishing with bait. Perhaps another lesson is in order here... Scott's fish came on a pink sucker spawn (my pattern!) which is pretty much a standby here in Ohio. There were other fish hooked and landed, but these are the best pics. It was a pretty slow day on the whole, but enough fish around to keep us occupied. The worst part of the day was finding out I had a leak in my waders a little above my knee and the water that came in slowly seeped down into my socks and froze my feet beyond what would naturally be called "cold". I believe I started to feel them a few hours after I was out of my waders and my feet were against the heater in the Jeep. Winter fishing.

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